Parakeet Sounds

One of the best parts of owning a parakeet is getting to enjoy the many sounds they make! Taking away for a moment the fact that they can remember tunes and even talk the amount of parakeet sounds your little bird can make will simply astonish you! From hurried chirps to angry screeches your parakeet has a vast repertoire of songs that they will share with you (even if you don’t want to hear it right now! Just kidding, parakeets are generally pretty good at not waking you up, but the girls can be a bit more screechy when compared to the boys).

Parakeet sounds Talking – If you have read a few pages of our site then you will already know that I am a big fan of parakeets because they can talk. They are actually one of the best talkers of domesticated birds and if you spend the time with them they can build up a really big vocabulary.

(You may have to turn up the sound for this video)

Parakeet Sounds Whistling – Parakeets have excellent memories when it comes to sounds and tunes. Your Parakeet can sing at all different tones and pitches as well as recite melodies back to you. The more time you spend whistling with your parakeet the better they become!

This parakeet wolf whistles, chirps, barks like a dog and even meows at the end!

Parakeet Sounds Screeching – When Parakeets get excited or confrontational they can screech. Depending on your parakeet they may screech a lot or not at all but in general they are not as screechy as other domesticated birds. As mentioned earlier female parakeets are generally bigger screeches when compared to males but both can have a good yell sometimes.

(You may want to block your ears for this video of a parakeet screeching)

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