Cleaning a Parakeet Cage

Cleaning up after your pet isn’t exactly the highlight of pet ownership but it is an essential part of having an animal in captivity. Sadly, a parakeet is no exception! Parakeets will shed feathers, scratch off dandruff and throw their seed around, whilst this is fun to watch, this destruction has to be cleaned up! Birds actually require good hygiene or they can fall ill with all kinds of diseases, the more birds you have the more mess that will be created so you will have to clean more frequently the more birds you have. If you asked a random group of pet owners I’m sure they would all say that cleaning up after their pet was the worst part of having an animal however if you are well prepared and follow a few simple tips cleaning up after your parakeet doesn’t have to be a big hassle!

Get a new bird cage – If you are still using an old wooden or bamboo cage then you may be struggling more than you need to when it comes to cleaning your parakeet’s cage. If you upgrade your cage to a more modern design you will have the benefit or an easily removable bottom tray that will allow you to lay news paper or grit in the bottom and then easily slide out the tray for cleaning. This can save a lot of time and effort!


Dust off your Vacuum cleaner – Vacuum cleaners are a God-send when it comes to cleaning up after parakeets! If you are just doing light cleaning you can just vacuum the inside of the cage (make sure your parakeet isn’t inside at the time, I cannot stress this enough!) to pick up excess feathers and loose seeds. Your parakeet will probably throw a lot of seed out of his or her cage also so you will need to vacuum the area around the cage too!

Soak your parakeet cage overnight – Cleaning your parakeet’s cage doesn’t need to be a tough task either. If you can soak your cage in soap and water for a night it will be much easier to clean any tough bits with a cloth. If you have a large cage you can try using a bathtub for cleaning or if your cage breaks down into segments this would be ideal. For really big cages and aviaries that are outside you use a steam cleaner which will really power through any tough grime, if you don’t have access to a steam cleaner you will have to bust out some elbow grease and get a cloth and water.

To make cleaning your parakeet’s cage an easier task the best method is to actually have a cleaning regiment that you stick to. The longer you leave a cage the tougher it gets to clean! If you follow the above tips you will find that the time it takes to clean your parakeet’s cage will be halved which will leave you with more time to put your feet up and play with your parakeet!


This Ranch style cockatiel and parakeet cage is ideal for easy cleaning!

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