Why parakeets make for fantastic pets

Whilst parakeets are actually native Australian wild birds they actually make for really wonderful pet birds! These little birds break the stereotype that only cats, dogs and fish make good household pet additions! It’s actually so hard to believe that most people wouldn’t consider a pet parakeet to be a great pet that I just had to write this article with just a few great facts as to why parakeets make such fantastic pets.

Man can parakeets whistle – First of all, parakeets can whistle like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not necessarily talking about screeching (although sometimes the females can get a little screechy) but rather that they have amazing memories and can learn a vast variety of tunes and sounds and recite them with ease! You can have whistling matches and back and forth’s with your feathered friend with just a few hours of training.


A Parakeet gives his "Magnum" look!

Oh yeah, Parakeets can talk – When was the last time your dog declared he wanted a cracker? Or when did your cat dramatically turn to you and gently whisper “it’s tuna time”? Unless you have been out in the sun too long I am guessing probably never. Depending on your parakeet you can train them to talk! Parakeets are excellent mimickers and are pretty high up the list of birds in terms of speaking talents! It will take some time with your bird and lots of repetition but parakeets can be quite the talkers. I will note however that some parakeets will not talk, they are either physically unable to or just don’t want to!

Parakeets are social buggers – Just like a dog or a cat a parakeet is a very social animal. It is well established that having an animal show affection is very therapeutic on us human animals and a parakeet is more than happy to oblige. Allowing head scratches, light nibbling and perching next to your ear are just a couple of ways a parakeet will show it’s affection for you. As well as enjoying human companionship Parakeets also get on well with other birds! It is not uncommon for a parakeet to be kept with a cockatiel in the same aviary for example and the two (or more) will get on fine. Just like humans however some parakeets will fight for whatever reason, keep an eye on the group and if you suspect some bullying you may have isolate the trouble makers.

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