Parakeet Toys

Parakeets are very active and acrobatic birds that love to play. Parakeet toys are a great investment for any parakeet owner especially if the parakeet is left alone for many hours. The toys will keep them occupied and busy throughout the day so that they don't get lonely or bored. There are so many parakeet toys on the market that it can be hard to choose which is the best for your parakeet. In fact, some toys might do more harm then good because they can cause foot or claw problems because of loose threads or other issues with the toy. Another common problem with parakeet toys is that owners believe bigger toys are better, when in fact a toy that is too big can actually hurt or harm the parakeet.

Examples of Toys for Parakeets


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Ropes: There are contradicting statements from many experts that a rope can be harmful to parakeets. While I have not seen this, it is best if you choose to use a rope in the cage to keep an eye on your parakeet and remove it at the first sign of problems. A recommended type of rope is a supreme cotton rope, these are easily pulled apart and can be digestible if the parakeet ingests the rope. Another recommend type of rope is that of sisal which serves the same purposes as the cotton ropes.

Something to Climb: Parakeets love to climb on things. Ropes can be used as climbing objects but if you don't want to use a rope there are other available options. Ladders are popular climbing toys and come in wooden or plastic forms depending on your preference. As a rule of thumb it is best to make sure that whatever you want to use as a climbing toy that it be fashioned out of something soft such as soft wood, leather or plastics. If you don't want to purchase a ladder you can make a ladder out of leather or ropes on your own and will serve the purpose of giving your parakeet something to climb on.


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Bells: Bells are a popular addition to any parakeet toy. Parakeets love to hear the bell ringing and enjoy playing with it just as much as any of the other toys offered. A great toy that includes a bell is a mirror and bell combo. This provides more then one toy option and is perfectly safe for the parakeet. Remember to keep the toy that you put in the parakeet cage a normal size as many toys with bells can be too large for the parakeet.

Something to Chew: Along with climbing and bell ringing, parakeets love to chew and gnaw on things. It's all a part of their nature! Placing a cuttlefish in the cage will give the parakeet something to gnaw on while also providing a toy to play with. Soft woods and seeds can also satisfy the chewing and gnawing craving but cuddlefish is the most recommended item for chewing.

Be Creative: Parakeets love it when their owners get creative. These are birds from the wild and enjoy things from the wild. Head outdoors and pick up some small sticks, twigs or leaves (making sure they are safe) and place them in the cage. Other creative ideas could be to play a bit of soccer with the parakeet, find a small soft ball and practice having the parakeet nudge it with their beaks. Imagine the bragging you'll have when your parakeet can play soccer! Almost anything can be turned into a play thing for a parakeet, just make sure it is safe for your parakeet and watch for signs that the parakeet is becoming agitated. Use your head and get creative when it comes to playing with your parakeet!


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