Green Parakeet

The Green Parakeet (Aratinga holochlora), is a mid-sized bird of the parrot family and is native to Mexico and Central America. Whether by migration of by breeding, it is unclear, green parakeets have established a presence in south Texas as well. Under normal circumstances green parakeets do not migrate but they will do so in order to get the food that they need to survive.

Green parakeets are so named because of their all over green plumage. Some of them may even have varying shades of green with darker green upper sides and yellowish-green under bellies. They usually grow to about 32 cm in length, a length which also includes their long pointed tails. Their yellow compact beaks are perfectly suited for feeding on nuts, seeds and berries but these birds also enjoy feeding on corn so that they are considered as pests to corn farmers.

green parakeet on a wire

Green parakeets are a part of the parrot family, smaller members, but still a member. Their size, demeanor and sociability make them ideal pets for the home. In captivity and with proper care your green parakeet can live as much twenty years. They are usually resistant to diseases but can develop infections of the lungs if they are not housed in a place where there is an adequate supply of oxygen.

The birds can be trained to talk especially the males who can learn hundreds of words if taught with patience. If you plan to tame your green parakeet it is best to purchase the bird young. Tamed birds will imitate a human’s voice and they might learn to whistle short tunes as well. Start training by teaching the bird a few words at a time. Keep the words short and repeat them over and over till the parakeet repeats it. Voice lessons are best taught in the late evening. These birds thrive well in a colony setting so keep that in mind when purchasing your parakeet.

Remember to feed your bird daily because with its active metabolism a parakeet can starve to death within a day if left without food. A diet of seed or pellet, chopped dark green or yellow vegetables and fresh fruits would keep your parakeet in good health. Besides this you can include protein in the diet by giving him grated cheese, hard boiled eggs chopped into small pieces and legumes. Whenever you feed fresh fruits and vegetables to your parakeet you need to remove the leftovers within 2-3 hours so that he does not eat rotting foods. Stop the fresh fruit and vegetables for a day or two if the droppings become runny. Remember you need to give your parakeet a fresh supply of water daily.

When purchasing a cage you need to keep in mind that the bird needs more length than height. Choose a perch that is right for the size of the bird’s feet. To keep the feet in good form you should purchase a few perches in different sizes and shapes and place them in such a way as to prevent droppings from falling in the water and food. Place a bird bath in the cage 2-3 times weekly to help the bird keep clean.

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