Cockatiel VS Parakeet

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Should I get a cockatiel or should I get a parakeet?” The short answer I can give you is this: They are both great and both make wonderful companions! It’s hard to compare these two birds as often the personality of each bird is different but allow me to give you a better comparison between cockatiel vs parakeet:

Hand taming – Depending on your area it seems to be easier to find a cockatiel that is already tame then it is to finding a parakeet that has already been tamed. Both birds are capable of being hand tamed at home though, even if you can’t find one pre-tamed! Buying a hand raised bird is always preferable however as they will be easier to tame and form a bond with!

Singing/screeching/talking – With both bird species the males are better talkers and singers. The females tend to be a little bit more screechy when compared to the males. Cockatiel males tend to sing a bit more than parakeets but parakeets make up for it with chattering and chirping. Both can be taught to talk however males are better at learning more words!

cockatiel vs parakeet

Misc Cockatiel Vs Parakeet facts

-Cockatiels tend to be a bit more demanding of human attention when compared to parakeets. This could be a big factor when deciding which bird to go with if you are out of the house a lot.

-Parakeets are sometimes more comical little birds and a bit more independent when compared to cockatiels.

-Cockatiels are more expensive than Parakeets (parakeets usually cost around $15USD) depending where you buy them.

-Parakeets are more playful than cockatiels; they are a bit more acrobatic and play with toys a little bit more.

-Parakeets live for 10-15 years whilst cockatiels live for 15-25 years of age.

-Cockatiels are sometimes easier to bond with as they thrive on human interaction. Cockatiels are also known to bond with other house animals (but keep any bird away from reptiles).

-A cockatiel bite hurts a lot more than a parakeet bite!

These are a few key differences between cockatiels and parakeets! Each bird has their own unique personality however so they may not fit into these categories. If you are still unsure of which variety of bird you want to add to your home you could even consider buying one of each! They will keep each other company whilst you are out of the house and you will give them a play partner. There is no reason they should fight however just like human’s some birds are a little more hostile than others. Introduce them slowly and take note of any conflicts, 9 out of 10 times they will get on like old friends!

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