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Welcome to the Parakeet cage! A website dedicated to everyone’s favourite house pet the Parakeet! We have something for everyone, if you are an experienced parakeet breeder or even just a new owner who is looking for information about parakeet cages, we hope you will find the parakeet information you are seeking here!

A Parakeet is a wonderful pet for any household! Just like a dog, trained parakeets will always be happy to see you when you come home and greet you with an affectionate squawk or nibble. If you spend a little time and effort with your bird you will be rewarded with a great companion who will brighten up your day for around 12 years. Parakeets are very easy to train and how many pets can you list that can talk? This cool fact alone should put a parakeet at the top of a pet list!


If you are only just finding out about the amazing world of parakeets then a good place to start your journey is with the Parakeet Information Page which will give you a brief scientific overview about parakeets and what you can expect from your new pet. If you don’t get own your own parakeet but you are thinking about it, then check out the Parakeets as pets page which may convince you to take the feathery plunge yourself!

For the more daring and enthused owners we have pages on how to hand tame your parakeet and even information about parakeet diet. You won't need to resort to some quick quid tricks to maintain your precious bird as these pets are generally not too costly to maintain and are well worth the effort when properly bred. Keep your parakeet healthy and happy whilst forming a friendship and bond!


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